The Key 8: Success Engineering

Unlock Your Path to Unparalleled Success: Master the Art of Success Engineering with The Key 8

Instructor: Sharesz T. WilkinsonLanguage: English

Are you ready to tap into your fullest potential?

The Key 8 is the most comprehensive meta-course to date. It is what you have been waiting for to take your life and career to the next level as a highly ambitious professional, no matter how successful you already are

With a team of experts and professionals from various fields, The Key 8 has been specifically designed for you to make a real impact.

Take years off your learning curve by discovering the key questions to ask in the most relevant areas of life.

Take control of your own future, and discover what you can do to engineer your best possible outcome in an ever-changing, complex world.

Join us now and discover the benefits of a truly immersive and transformative learning experience.
You will get the awareness, tools, knowledge, and systematic approach to tackling any challenge.

Stay laser-focused while tapping into your strength, remain focused no matter what, and boost  your resilience when the rubber hits the road! 

You'll discover the solid roadmap to living life to the fullest at any stage through immersive learning experiences, coaching, peer support if desired, and interactive exercises.

Don't wait another day; read the testimonials, trust the journey, and sign up for The Key 8 to make a real difference in your life and career - not just for yourself but for your loved ones, too.



Lead business owners to get a grip on themselves and their fears.

Allowed leaders to become aware of the costly blindspots they have. 

Increased efficiency by up to 400%, gaining effective momentum. 

Created laser focus on the 20% that matter.

Provided clarity in navigating the complexities of running their business and family life.

Allowed to maintain peace when the rubber hits the road.

I am going to show you the exact steps, tools, and methods that allow ambitious professionals to step up their game with clarity and purpose. Learn how to focus, prioritize, and understand how to connect all the dots in your life as a whole human being.

It took me decades to figure these things out in collaboration with specialists in their fields around the globe.

You can take a massive shortcut.

Show up to the training and let The Key 8 help you understand what truly matters to you and how you can get it.

My name is Sharesz T. Wilkinson, and I look forward to helping you to attract and reach the success you are looking for in your life.

Engineer your best possible outcome with confidence and certainty.


 Improved clarity and direction to take effective actions

 Increased financial literacy and more efficient financial planning

 Access to quality time and execution at your own pace and convenience

 Ability to develop optimal business acumen, career strategy, and relationships

 Enhanced confidence and efficiency to tackle any challenges and achieve your life goals

Course Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The framework of The Key 8 lasts for a lifetime as a compass to revisit each time you need to reassess your current situation and get clarity and direction in what’s next. To go through all the content takes about 1 hour as a first step. 

Our goal is to empower you with the strategy, awareness, and support you need to be successful as quickly as possible. 

You will work at your own speed to tackle your topics. The minimum commitment should be 3 months. If you are fully dedicated, you can achieve all your goals within 6 – 24 months, depending on how much effort you are putting in as well as the pre-existing knowledge you already have.

How much time commitment is involved?

The daily assessment takes 5 minutes to get clarity on what to do each day. The execution depends on your topics as well as your own efforts and the availability of your third parties involved.

How regularly will I have live coaching sessions?

Once a week, we will do regular live group Q&A over Zoom for those who have questions or just want to discuss or clarify a specific topic.

Can my partner join the program with me?

Yes, absolutely. Only the person enrolled in the course will get the professional certificate upon completion.

What kind of network can you connect me to?

Many of my networks are upon invitation only. I am a member of Forbes Councils, Executive Global Network, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, the World Business Angels Investment Forum WBAF, the WBAF Global Women Leader Committee, VC Think Tanks, and have 30k top-level connections worldwide on LinkedIn throughout all relevant verticals.

Can you connect me to other experts I need?

Absolutely. I can guide you to the most suitable experts for a given topic.

How much does the programme cost?

The Key 8 is a one off fee with lifetime access.


Video Testimonial by Jason Weir-Smith, professional tennis player and coach, USA. 

Jason Weir-Smith competed in the men's doubles at six Grand Slam tournaments, including all four in 2001. He made the second round at the 2001 French Open (with Neville Godwin) and 2001 US Open (with Aleksandar Kitinov) and was a doubles semi-finalist on four occasions, at Umag in 2000, the 2000 Brighton International, the 2001 Heineken Open in Auckland and Munich's BMW Open in 2001.

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